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To buy Medicines on line contact us on 07 3846 0440 or Email:

We have a large range of remedies in low and high potencies and a fast delivery service and staff waiting for your order. We are one of the most experienced labs in quality service and reliability. We also provide first aid kits, easy birth drops, homeopathic leaky gut drops, salicylate allergy drops, jet lag, travel sickness, food poisoning and some other formulas unique to Homlab.

Owner and CEO Gerard Bocquee has over 20 years’ experience in difficult to treat conditions and has made available some unique formulas for people who may otherwise not have access to these unique preparations.

We value customer satisfaction and hope to be able to continue providing the kind of service we have for the last 30 plus years.

You may need to talk with us about your travel needs and we welcome enquiries.


Our Expertise

Children disorders

Difficult teething problems, nightmares, worms, growing pains. asthma, cough and eczema

Circulation problems

Chilblains, palpitation, fainting, varicose veins, low blood pressure and missing heart beats.

Emotions and nerves

Anxiety, apprehension, nervousness, restlessness, grief, anger, resentment, nervous dyspepsia and depression.

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