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Who is treatment available to?

Anyone and everyone as long as time and distance permit. This service is suitable especially to patients who have a physical impairment, a transport difficulty or an urgent situation for which distance is an obstacle.

Please note that acute conditions need immediate attention. You should not expect that your medicines will arrive in time. This cannot be guaranteed although we will endeavour to process your prescription within a reasonable time. Unless we are able to dispatch medicine to you in a reasonable time this service may not be suitable.

Our online treatment is provided in English and French

If available you can also make an appointment for a Skype consultation.

Payment is required before the medicine is either dispatched or, if available in your area, a prescription will be sent to you. Treatment is usually for 3-4weeks. Initial consultation is $Aus 125, and follow-up consultations $Aus $100. This includes medicine and postage.

Homeopathy treats the whole person as well as groups of symptoms commonly called “clinical”. The approach is different but the result is the same. So, when the term diagnosis is used it is for the purpose of a ‘common ground’ for understanding.

Your privacy is respected at all times. No information whatsoever is released or disclosed to anyone for any purpose. All correspondence is via e mails although I request that you provide your Telephone number.

There is no age restriction in so far as treatment is concerned, however if you are under 18, a parent consent may be required.

Custom’s clearance.

You may need to ensure with your post office that homeopathic medicines are allowed in your country.

Our dispensary

The reason that our medicines are so trusted since 36 years is that great care is taken in their manufacture. Each prescription is given individual attention.

We dispense mostly in liquid, however as some people prefer to take their remedies in pills we recommend that you advise us of this as no responsibility is taken for how we dispense and we do not accept returns.

We specialise in first grade homeopathic pillules made from sucrose only. They are lactose free.

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Our Expertise

Children disorders

Difficult teething problems, nightmares, worms, growing pains. asthma, cough and eczema

Circulation problems

Chilblains, palpitation, fainting, varicose veins, low blood pressure and missing heart beats.

Emotions and nerves

Anxiety, apprehension, nervousness, restlessness, grief, anger, resentment, nervous dyspepsia and depression.

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