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Why Choose Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic

Reasons to Choose Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic

  • Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic is the Hub of Homeopathy.
  • Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic is trusted for 34 years.
  • Most senior homeopath in Australia in attendance.
  • Wide range of medicine available on location
  • Appointments available at short notice;
  • Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic is the oldest clinic in Brisbane and is adjoined to Homlab, the largest homeopathic pharmacy in Queensland
  • You are in safe and experienced hands
  • Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic offers student and pensioner discount.
  • Homeopathic medicines supplied by the Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic are affordable to everyone.
  • Brisbane Homeopathic Clinic conducts Skype consultations on request.
  • Courier service for quick delivery

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Our Expertise

Children disorders

Difficult teething problems, nightmares, worms, growing pains. asthma, cough and eczema

Circulation problems

Chilblains, palpitation, fainting, varicose veins, low blood pressure and missing heart beats.

Emotions and nerves

Anxiety, apprehension, nervousness, restlessness, grief, anger, resentment, nervous dyspepsia and depression.

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